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NorSing AS is a Green Company promoting environmentally friendly solutions. The company provides its environmentally friendly products to vendors and companies in Scandinavia and Europe.

The VISION of the company is to be the preferred supplier of Food Waste Disposal solutions and Biodegradable Tableware and Packing products to customers in Scandinavia and Europe.

The MISION of the company is to contribute to making our customers and end users more environmentally friendly. The company will continuously pursue and look for manufacturers who deliver the very best in Biodegradable products. NorSing AS is working with Eco-Wiz Pte Ltd in order to continually improve the range of Food Waste disposal systems. NorSing AS realizes that the products must be made available at competitive prices in order to make these products available for everyone. By doing this we will contribute in preserving the environment for future generations.

Our OBJECTIVE is to offer our Olive Green and Eco-Wiz Products to companies, organizations and consumers who are conscious of the environment and who wish to positively contribute to preserving our nature.

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